A connection represents a successful authentication between the integration framework and an external system. These connections will be embedded into flows when those flows are asked to be created. They should be referenced by an obfuscated identifier, not by any actual keys or otherwise sensitive authentication info. The connection will also store details about how to perform Oauth authentication, if applicable.

Create an Auth Client using the Doohickey CLI before creating a Connection in Doohickey Cloud. You will need the id of the Auth Client to create the Connection.

  • name: The name used to identify this connection
  • description: Meta information to associate with this connection
  • secretName: The name that will be given to the secret created when the connection is started
  • scope: The scope query parameter used in the OAuth process
  • successUrl: The redirect destination on completion of the OAuth process
  • client: The id of an existing AuthClient in an Open Integration Hub instance
  • The id of a Doohickey Environment
  • environment.user: The user alias within the Doohickey Environment to use when starting the auth flow