Integration Configurations

An integration configuration is end user provided information that expresses how they want their instance of a given integration data flow to operate. The author of the integration template should provide a definition for the config, so it isn't ad hoc, which tells the end user “these are the blanks that you get to fill in”. When merged with a template, an integration config creates an executable integration data flow.


  • name: The name for this integration configuration
  • description: A brief description related to the purpose of this integration configuration
  • tenant: The id of a tenant within your application
  • definition: The id for an integration definition
  • environment: References the id of a Doohickey Environment and a user within the Environment
  • secrets:
    • connection: The id of the connection that created this secret
    • id: The id of the generated secret within OIH
  • config: Configuration data that can be used passed in to a template function
  • enabled: An array of objects, each of which contains a template id (id), and a boolean enabled value which determines whether the flow created by the template will be active.