Managing Integrations by API

Given that embedded integration is a critical capability for a modern software product team, Doohickey provides an API-first approach to building and operationalizing embedded integrations.

Exposing the critical capabilities for building, deploying, monitoring, and otherwise managing integrations as API operations means Doohickey can be used flexibly by any software product team. While the templating toolset for building integrations uses JavaScript, they can be deployed and embedded within any software product that uses any development framework or technology stack. If that application can interface with RESTful APIs, it can embed Doohickey-managed integrations within it.

This API-first design affords the following benefits to the product team:

  • Tech stack agnostic ability to embed integrations
  • Flexibility to support many different ways to expose the integrations within a software product's user experience
  • Ability to use the Doohickey provided workflows in unique or interesting ways
  • Support for complexity and deep functionality over pretty user interfaces, as related to integrations

Unlike many integration products on the market, this approach also means that engineers will build integrations the way engineers think about building any other feature. They will use coding frameworks, build templates in an IDE, test and run them through a CLI, and ultimately deploy them to an API-based service.