Doohickey Developer Tools

Doohickey offers a suite of developer tools to help assist you in creating and managing your integrations. Learn more about the overall developer workflow here.

Doohickey Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Doohickey CLI exists to aid in communication with both your integration runtime environment, most commonly Open Integration Hub (OIH), as well as the Doohickey Cloud API. You can utilize the Doohickey CLI to iterate quickly on template design as well as test flows in a local dev environment prior to sending them to Doohickey Cloud. In addition, the Doohickey CLI allows you to manage components, tenants, secrets, and more within your OIH environment. Most importantly, you can use Doohickey CLI in your CI/CD process to automate sending necessary information to both OIH as well as Doohickey Cloud.

You can learn more about the Doohickey CLI here.

Doohickey Extension

The Doohickey Extension is built for VSCode. This extension makes developing data map transformations simple and easy. With the systems you will be trying to integrate, it isn't uncommon for the data types to be different. For example, you may be communicating between a SOAP web services API that returns information to you in an XML document, but that information ultimately needs to be sent to a REST API in a JSON object.

With the Doohickey extension, you can provide an XML document or a JSON object, apply a JSONata transformation to it, and see the resulting JSON object in real time. This will assist in speeding up the time it takes to create your data maps as iteration on design is quick and easy.

You can learn more about the Doohickey Extension here.

Doohickey Types

The Doohickey Types NPM package exists to help take away some of the complexity and boilerplate from the templates you will be creating. This package provides auto completion and type ahead for the most common objects you will be using to create your templates - including the OIH flow itself as well as the components and steps that will be incorporated in that flow.

You can learn more about the Doohickey Types package here.