Priority Dashboard

The Priority Dashboard (or the Dashboard) is the final product when you enter data into the Integration Planner. It's where the algorithm calculates scores for all of the Projects and buckets them according to the ranking approach described in Overview.

Ranking Table

The Ranking Table shows all Projects, grouped by Priority level and ordered within those levels by Revenue Impact. This is your suggested order to invest in Integration Projects.

The following describes each column:

  • Project Effort Score - This is the sum of the Effort Scores for all of the Data Flows configured in the Project.
  • 24 Month Financial Impact - This is the output of the Revenue Impact calculations generated by the values entered on the Project. It is automatically calculated to a two year impact.
  • Effort Rating - Based on your Baseline Values, is this a high, medium, or low effort integration?
  • Impact Rating - Based on your Baseline Values, is this a high, medium, or low impact integration?

Editing Baseline Values

You can control how Effort Scores and Financial Impact are bucketed into high, medium, and low. There is no right answer, becasue everyone's scores are different. Scores are useful relative to one another, assuming they were scored consistently. Your medium might be another teams X-Large.

Setting the Baseline Values is very easy, but you should be careful to do it too much. Ideally you set them where you have a fairly even distribution of Proejcts across Priorities. If you have a lot of P1s or P4s, your values might be off. You should periodically go back and review how accurate you felt those Baselines were in retrospect, as you bring integrations to market.

That said, this probably requires a little experimenting early. Move the values around against your initial data set of Projects until the distribution feels correct.

How to Edit Baseline Values

To edit Baseline Values, click the "Edit Baseline" button.

In the flyout menu, you can enter the lowest possible value for each category. (Low should almost always have 0.) Projects will be categorized according to the highest possible category.

When you click "Save" the grid should automatically reset. You may need to refresh the page if changes do not take effect.