Standard Services

The following are the standard services that Blended Edge will deploy in an Open Integration Hub implementation.

  • Attachment Storage - Stores and retrieves files that when they are part of an integration flow (e.g. reading a file from an SFTP location)
  • Audit Log - Logs user activity within OIH (not flow data or flow usage)
  • Component Orchestrator - Deploys instances of components into the Kubernetes environment to enable any configured integration flows and removes them when flows are disabled
  • Component Repository - The registry of components that are available for use in integration flows in a given OIH instance
  • Flow Repository - The registry of flows that are deployed to the OIH instance and exposes API endpoints for manipulating them
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) - Handles logins, authentication, authorization, and user access
  • Integration Layer Service (ILS) - Provides functionality for semi-stateful and asynchronous merging of data pulled in from different API endpoints
  • Scheduler - Enables OIH integration flows to be triggered on a configured schedule
  • Secret Service - Stores and uses API keys, passwords, and shared secrets securely
  • Snapshot Service - Adds some statefulness to integration flows
  • Webhooks - Enables OIH integration flows to be triggered by data passed from a webook