Standard Components

The following are the Blended Edge "Standard Components' that we deploy to most Open Integration Hub implementations. This library of components is intended to cover the most amount of integration functionality with the least amount of code.

  • Code Component - Execute a block of JavaScript code as a flow step. Use sparingly, but when JSONata is not an appropriate transformation or when you need to include a third party JS library.
  • CSV Component - Converts CSV (and other delimitted files) to JSON and vice versa for processing in an OIH flow.
  • Filter Component - Define a criteria based filter for messages in a flow. This can also be used to implement if-then logic.
  • Google PubSub Component (beta) - Publish messages to a Google PubSub queue.
  • GraphQL Component (beta) - Execute GraphQL mutations and queries against external GraphQL APIs.
  • Integration Layer Adapter - Interact with the OIH Integration Layer Service within an OIH flow.
  • JSONata Transform Component - Perform data transformations using JSONata query/transformation language.
  • Kafka Component (beta) - Produce and consume messags from Apache Kafka topics.
  • Logic Gateway Component (coming soon) - Perform advanced choreography in OIH flows.
  • REST Component - Perform HTTP requests against RESTful and non-RESTful APIs that accept HTTP.
  • SFTP Component - Read files from and write files to external SFTP servers.
  • SOAP Component - Call external SOAP web service methods as part of OIH flows.
  • Webhook Component - When used at the start of an OIH flow, it injects additional metadata about the incoming webhook message. This is not required for an OIH flow to be triggered by webhook, but we recommend using it.
  • XML Component - Converts XML documents to JSON and vice versa for processing in an OIH flow.

Components not maintained by Blended Edge are potentially compatible with Open Integration Hub + Doohickey deployments, but there may be some component changes required. This must be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Additionally, Blended Edge-managed OIH components include additional features:

  • A wrapper to Ferryman messaging framework that injects critical debugging details into log messages
  • Enhancements to documentation and usability
  • A reimplemented "passthrough" capability that allows you to selectively pass data through a flow on the payload