Doohickey Cloud Services

What are Doohickey Cloud Services?

Doohickey Cloud Services is an API-based platform that helps software product teams operationalize integration management. By leveraging the standard APIs and workflows, developers can:

  • Deploy integrations via the Doohickey CLI or via a CI/CD pipeline
  • Embed templated integrations within a software product with minimal development
  • Manage versions and live deployments of each integration
  • Create integration discovery and configuration experiences within software products

Building integrations using Doohickey Cloud Services establishes a consistent approach that a product team can apply to all integrations they wish to provide. This makes managing integrations at scale easier and faster, enabling teams to put more focus on adding features, adding value, and creating exception end customer experiences with their products.

Doohickey Cloud Services & Developer Tools

Doohickey Cloud Services host and operationalize the integration templates that you build using Doohickey Developer Tools. Combined with a compatible integration platform, the Cloud Services and Developer Tools provide a robust set of capabilities for product engineers to build highly functional, easy-to-manage embedded integrations.

Doohickey Cloud Services & Open Integration Hub

Doohickey Cloud Services are abstracted away from any single integration platform, so the same Doohickey-managed operation can be used across multiple platforms, even custom-develped integrations. However, Doohickey Cloud Services are most readily compatible with Open Integration Hub, an open source integration framework.

Most documentation in this portal will describe using Doohickey Cloud Services with Open Integration Hub to provide productized integrations for end customers.