Doohickey Command Line Interface (CLI)

Doohickey CLI is an all-in-one tool that allows you to communicate with both your integration run time environment - Open Integration Hub (OIH) - as well as the Doohickey Cloud API.


Doohickey CLI provides the ability to interact with and manage all of the pieces of your OIH environment. These pieces include:

  • Tenants for separation of concern
  • Components for the building blocks of your templates and data flows
  • Secrets for managing and encrypting sensitive information like API keys or logins.
  • Flows for your integration data flows

Doohickey Cloud

Doohickey CLI is also built to communicate directly with the Doohickey Cloud API. Currently you can use the CLI to interact with and deploy templates to the cloud for eventual creation of data flows. You are able to create, view, and test your templates locally and deploy them to Doohickey Cloud when they are ready for production. Additionally, you are able to pull in existing templates from Doohickey Cloud to edit and manage in your local environment.