Interacting With Open Integration Hub

Open Integration Hub (OIH) is a headless integration framework, meant to be accessed via its RESTful API. There is a web-based user interface that can be used for some light debugging, but it’s limited in its functionality and reliability.

To simplify interaction with the OIH APIs, Blended Edge provides a Postman Collection that includes templates for all relevant API calls as well as various API call examples. This Postman Collection also includes a configurable Postman Environment to simplify the use of access credentials and other “unique to environment” parameters. The Collection includes a pre-request script that automatically handles authentication with the OIH environment so that the Postman user does not have to set up authentication for every API call.


The API request templates are contained in folders that correlate to the different services available in your OIH instance. These may be tailored to specifics about which services are deployed to your environment. Within each folder are standard CRUD requests that are available via each service.

While dependent on your specific OIH usage, the most common services to interact with are:

  • IAM Service for creating tenants, users, and managing access
  • Secret Service for storing secret records which reference external system credentials
  • Flow Repository for creating, updating, and activating integration flows
  • Component Repository for enabling and updating integration components (i.e. features) to be used in integration flows