Update an Integration

Updating a flow in OIH is similar to creating one. To accomplish an update you need to push a new version of the flow JSON for a given flow GUID. As soon as that updated flow is active, all data will use that new flow logic.

The basic steps for updating an integration flow are deactivating the flow, calling the API request to update the flow, and activating the flow. While inactive, a flow will not move data, nor will it’s schedule run or its webhook listener receive requests.

  1. Open the Postman Collection.
  2. Open Flow Repository > Start a flow.
  3. In the “Params” tab, enter the flow’s GUID, returned when that end user’s instance of the flow was initially created for the “flow_id” parameter. Click “Send”.
  4. Open Flow Repository > PATCH: Update a flow.
  5. Copy the updated end-user-specific flow JSON into the body tab.
  6. Click “Send”.

You’ll need to repeat these steps for each flow that you need to update, times each instance of that flow deployed to a tenant.